the best
nutrients for
coco substrates

Specialised in coco since 2003

UGroNutrient for better results

UGroNutrient has been created to expand and enhance the benefits of coco substrates for your crops. It helps the development of the roots, the growth of the plant, its flowering, as well as the elimination of old roots.

Always for coco

UGroNutrient has been specially created to be used with coco substrates. It’s born from experience and knowledge of Simply Organic S.L., a company specialized in the production and distribution of coco since 2003.

We response to the grower needs

UGroNutrient is an organic mineral line of 6 nutrients adapted to each phase of the growing cycle, which has been developed after listening the opinions and needs of different growers.

Quality raw materials

Only superior quality raw materials have been sourced to produce an optimum environment for your plants to grow in coco.

Better results with less dosage

You get better results with less dosage. Each bottle of UGroNutrient will last longer enabling you to use for more growing.

UGroNutrient is a brand of Simply Organic S.L.