Answers to your questions about UGroNutrient

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UGroNutrient combines the best of mineral and natural fertilizers. Feeda, UFeedb and UFlower are mineral fertilizers designed to obtain the best yields, while UBoost, URoot and UZyme are natural fertilizers that promote substrate life, correct nutrient assimilation and better metabolic functions of plants.
The nutrients UFeeda and UFeedb are separated in different containers to avoid the interaction between the components of both, since they would react to each other and it would give rise to insoluble salts not assimilable by the plant.
UZyme is a compound that generates enzymes (cellulases, amylases, proteases ...) in situ (once applied to the culture medium). The function of each enzyme is different, helping the plant to have the correct absorption of nutrients, the elimination of dead roots and eliminating the excesses of insoluble salts not assimilable to the plant.
UGroNutrient has a higher concentration of principal actives than other brands, which means a smaller quantity of product in the irrigation water, achieving the same results with a lower consumption.
Under optimum cultivation conditions, the use of UGroNutrient is recommended for each irrigation to obtain the best results.
We must take into account the starting EC of the irrigation water, in order to avoid the overfertilization of our plants and so we can add the necessary amount of UGroNutrient without being limited by a too high EC of the water. It is recommended to apply the dosages indicated in our culture table starting from a water with EC of 0.3 millisiemens.
UFeeda and UFeedb are the nutritional base of the plant for the entire growing cycle. URoot is an organic root stimulator, for a correct and rapid development of root mass. UBoost is a biostimulant to accelerate the metabolism of plants. UFlower is designed for greater fattening and density of floral clusters. UZyme helps correct absorption of nutrients, elimination of dead roots and eliminates the excesses of insoluble salts not assimilable to the plant.
UGroNutrient is a brand of Simply Organic S.L.